GuidePoint CTF challenge August 2021

Having a week off from work, I figured "Why the heck not? Let's try a CTF". Working in Cyber Security, I have had multiple hours at TryHackMe, working on gaining experiences and building up knowledge that further can help me in my daily blue teaming work, as well provide a few hours of fun at home. But I had still to participate in my first real CTF challenge.

GuidePoint launched a CTF challenge on tuesday august the 10th, and I started right off by registering for the event and setting up my MalwareLAB to connect using the provided VPN.
On the Challenges-page we see a list of all the categories and the individual challenges as pictured below (picture taken after I finished the CTF).

Challenge-board - GuidePoint CTF august 2021.

In the next few posts, I will go through my thought-process and write up how I solved the different challenges. Though not including the "Sanity Check" challenge, as this mostly was a challenge to verify that the systems worked and I could reach them (the flag was given right at the challenge).


After a few interesting days of on-and-off hacking, decoding, Python-scripting, information seeking and challenge-solving; I finished the CTF in a time placing me at 7th place (out of around 280 participants) - like WOW, who would have throught that? Maybe it wasn't the most challenging CTF, I don't know. But for me, that was fun!

Top 10 - GuidePoint CTF august 2021.

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